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Focus Exercise

(Obedience Fundamentals and Behaviour Modification)


I have built Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle around the belief that dogs (and all pets) are important members of our families and deserve to be treated with as much respect as any other family member. We strive to teach and learn from our family and from a well-balanced life with our dogs, we can learn a lot about ourselves, as well as, the dogs. There are numerous ways, through the ages, people have led happy and fulfilling lives with dogs. Over the years, humans have domesticated and bred the dogs to serve our needs. Many owners still, need dogs to service them. That's not to say, the dogs are not treated with respect and love. In fact, these days, there are more pet owners than working dog owners.

I have always had a dog or cat in my life. My life just isn't complete without one. I have never had to pay for training; it just seemed to come naturally to me. Even so, a few years ago, I decided to take a course in dog training to reinforce what I knew, and to learn even more. One thing I've learned, is no matter how much you know about dogs, there is always more to learn. I love dogs and I never tire of learning more about them.

I started watching dog owners as they walked down the street or in the park with their dogs. Some dogs walked calmly by their owners sides, glancing up at them, every so often, as if to say, "It's so nice to be walking with you, Human. Isn't it a wonderful day?" And other dogs, would be straining at the leash, way out in front of the owner, as if to say, "COME ON, Human! What is your PROBLEM? Can't you walk any faster? Who knows what is lurking behind that next tree!" Meanwhile, the owner looked tired and annoyed, as the dog refused to listen while they yelled at them, telling them not to pull.

These people desperately needed my help! I knew I could help them by teaching them how to communicate more effectively with their dogs.

Alas, Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle was born. I wanted to help dog owners learn to train their dogs.

There is a lot to be learned, if we just take the time. I don't own a dog. I accepted the friendship of a dog into my life. She learns from me how to behave in our environment and I learn why she feels the way she does and how to help her understand what is and what isn't appropriate behaviour. We know how we feel in any given situation. Why shouldn't we care how our dogs feel? We make allowances and changes in our lives to alleviate stress for ourselves. We need to do the same for each member of our family ... including man's best friend.

I have learned many things about my pets over the years and have learned techniques to help them live, happy, healthy and stimulating lives.

I can teach you to do the same.

Perhaps you feel you already know how to train your dogs but still, your dog doesn't listen. I can help you and your dog understand each other better.

Perhaps you invested in a dog training book but find it hasn't helped. I can help you apply the techniques in the book, more effectively.

Perhaps you would like to buy a book to train your dog but don't know which one to buy? I found this book at


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Dog Walking        


Dog walking is very important for our dogs. We go to work each day, looking forward to coming home, at night, to our faithful friends. They sit around, all day, waiting for us to come home. What exercise are they getting? Unless the owner has a huge house, chances are, the dog is getting very little exercise before they get home from work. Some lucky dogs get a brief walk before the owner goes to work.

I offer dog walking services. I will come to your home and take him for a walk for up to one hour, every day, while you're at work or while you're shopping or dancing or partying or whatever. I'll be your dog's best friend when you can't be. I'll keep his mind and body active for up to an hour a day.


Pet Sitting



I realized, awhile back, although there were kennels available to house dogs (and cats), the experience from the pets' perspective was not always positive. I remembered, an experience I had, after putting my small dog in a kennel.  He was terrified about being left there. A) He was left in the company of strangers, B) He had no idea of when we would ever return, C) He was the only small dog in the kennel during his entire stay, D) No one was listening no matter how hard or how long he cried, and E) The conditions were cold and damp. He was scared. What happened? He escaped as soon as an opening presented itself. Who could blame him?

Now, I realize that this was a long while ago and kennels and their living conditions have changed, and to us, that would make a world of difference. But to a dog, the experience is a more psychological one than physical one. They are still left in the company of strangers with no idea when their owners will return, quite often, put in a cage, alone and most kennels don't care what size the dog is as they all are accepted and kept in the same areas, regardless of size or temperament. Some dogs are OK with this situation but I quite often see that smaller dogs are not always as comfortable in this type of environment. I decided things needed to change. I didn't want to create the same environment as a kennel and I didn't have the space in my home to start a doggy daycare. So, where would a dog feel most comfortable? At home, of course.

Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle will come to your home, spend time with your pets, keep them physically and mentally active for the day, whether you're at work or on vacation.

"My dog(s) don't know you, so, that's the same.

     That's why we like to meet both you and your dog(s) before we pet sit for you. Let them get used to having us in their home with you there so they know we are accepted in your home.

"My dog(s) hate it when I leave. They cry and carry on as I'm walking away. They think I'm never coming back!"

      That's why we stay with them, interact with them, get to know them and let them get to know us. They will be less concerned about being left by you because there will be so many exciting things to do with us.

Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle. Yes, we offer all three very valuable services to you in the Brockville and surrounding areas.


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Do the best for your pets and use your noodle! Call on Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle!