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Dog Training, Dog Walking, Pet/House Sitting

Dawne-Marie has trained all of her own dogs throughout her lifetime. She realized that people would be happier working with someone with academic credentials, coupled with experience, so, she took a dog training course. After passing with highest honours, she started Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle.

Dawne-Marie is so passionate about learning about dogs and their behaviours and how best to teach them how to live in our world as "Man's Best Friend", that she started Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle to pass on what she has learned over the years to dog parents. She observes dogs interacting with each other, daily, and passes on what she learns to each dog owner to help them train their dogs. She offers one-on-one dog training (Obedience, dog behaviours, etc.) in the comfort of the dog's and dog owner's own home. This way, they don't have to deal with unfamiliar distractions whilst they try their best to please their owners and be good, focused students.

Dog Walking

Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle offers dog walking to locally-based clients, as well as, included in the pet sitting services (regardless of location).

Knowing that they both loved animals, so much, Dawne-Marie extended her services to include other pets, as well, and soon offered in-home pet sitting.

What is in-home pet sitting?

Dawne-Marie and/or Christina, will come to your home and stay with your pets, keeping your pets calm and happy and occupied.

     Do they have a specific daily routine?  We will continue their routine so they won't have to worry about that, as well as, your absence. We'll keep them busy.

     Do you work long hours? Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle offers pop-in visits for people always on the go.

     Do you travel a lot? Kanine Kit 'n Kaboodle will stay with your pets for various periods of time, up to 24 hours at a time.

     We will work out a package for you, based on your needs and location.

     Oh, My! You don't have any pets? That's OK, too. We do security checks of your home (insurance) while you're away.

     We can, also, stay at your home, if that is your preference.


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